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Joining as a Host

• WWOOF means Willing Workers On Organic Farms.

To help you decide if you fit with WWOOF, try answering the following 3 questions:

1. Do you grow plants or raise animals for your own or others use?

2. Do you use natural methods to build the soil (for example compost, sheet mulch, biodynamic preparations, green crops)?

3. Do you use artificial fertilisers or non-organic pesticides/weedkillers? (for example Roundup, Superphosphate, or something commonly used in non-organic gardens)?

If you answered Yes to the first two questions and No to the third this would mean you fit in the WWOOF category. All other responses would make you more suited being a host in the category.

WWOOF or Cultural Exchange?
• We do consider cultural exchange to be happening in both categories , however, WWOOF is for host who will involve their WWOOFers primarily in organic growing, farming or gardening