Complaints Policy

WWOOF is committed to providing a safe, educational and enjoyable service. If something goes wrong, please contact us. All complaints are kept strictly confidential and a mediation process will start immediately.

Zero Tolerance

WWOOF has a zero tolerance policy on serious offences, including sexual harassment, verbal and physical abuse, assault, theft, criminal activity and threats to health and safety. In serious cases the police will be involved so they can take appropriate actions. WWOOF reserves the right to suspend membership pending a review. WWOOF reserves the right to remove offenders from the database and cancel their WWOOF membership.


There are certain obligations for hosts and volunteers. If you make a complaint we will take it seriously.

Being a member of WWOOF means that you are going to live in someone else’s house or welcome someone else into your family. Be aware of personal and cultural differences! It is a great opportunity to learn how others live.

Hosts are expected to:

  • Provide a welcoming and safe environment for their WWOOFers.
  • Provide experiences and knowledge in organic growing techniques.
  • Provide dry, clean accommodation.
  • Provide adequate, nourishing food.
  • Understand that the function of WWOOF is limited to facilitating the contact between the Host and the WWOOFer.
* WWOOF is not about free labour

WWOOFers are expected to:

  • Adapt to their host’s work and family life.
  • Behave respectfully on their host’s property.
  • Ask permission before using or taking anything that belongs to their host.
  • Have adequate health, travel and liability insurance.
  • Understand that the function of WWOOF is limited to facilitating the contact between the WWOOFer and the host.
* WWOOF is not about a free vacation

The Complaints Process

1. Once your complaint is received you will be sent a confirmation of receipt email.
2. The member whom you are complaining about will be contacted. They will be told the nature of the complaint and they will be invited to tell their side of the story. Your identity is kept confidential at all times.
3. Other members may also be contacted to see if they are able to provide relevant information.
4. If it is reasonably clear that there is unacceptable behaviour then the membership will be cancelled. If the situation is not clear or there are simply two different sides to the story then the member will be placed on probation and a record of the situation will be kept.
5. If further independent complaints are received about the same member then membership cancellation will be a likely result.