What if things go wrong?

It is best if problems can be resolved by open communication between the host and WWOOFer. However if this is not possible, further action might have to be taken. Both hosting and WWOOFing is a voluntary activity based on trust. If the arrangement is not working for whatever reason, either side has the option to end the exchange. This means a host has the right to ask a volunteer to leave their property (it is their home, after all) and a volunteer is free to leave the host early. However, if you feel the office needs to know what has happened and follow up, we have a complaints procedure in place. You can email us and be sure that we will talk to you about your concerns in confidence.

Zero Tolerance Policy

If we receive a complaint that involves verbal or physical abuse, assault, sexual harassment or any threat to health and safety, we reserve the right to suspend membership immediately pending review. If the complaint is upheld we reserve the right to cancel membership.


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