What is WWOOF?

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms for many WWOOF organisations. Some groups use Willing Workers on Organic Farms and some like to say it means We’re Welcome On Organic Farms 🙂

WWOOF is about Living and Learning on Organic Farms. Our vision is to bring people to a more sustainable way of life. By taking part in the day-to-day activities on an organic/bio farm, you will learn how to grow food , take care of live stock, live in a community or experience venture in self-sufficiency. There is a variety of properties available to stay on in which organic growing plays a part . There will be opportunities to learn new skills while at the same time getting to know new people and perhaps experience a new culture. For many people this means discovering a new and alternative way of life.

WWOOF organizations connect people who want to learn about organic growing, farming and sustainable lifestyles with people who have a homestead or farm and want to share their lifestyle. It is a non monetary,  educational and cultural exchange.  A host farm offers a volunteer (WWOOFer) food and accommodation and the WWOOFer  helps out for 4-6 hours per day.

WWOOF began in the early 1970’s when Sure Coppard, a secretary from London, wanted to reconnect with the land. She organized a Working Weekend on an Organic Farm with some friends, the acronym stayed (WWOOF) and the idea spread to New then Australia and Canada to now over 50 national organisations worldwide.

WWOOF supports “Think global, act local!”  There are many independent national WWOOF organizations around the world, managed by local groups and then there are the hosts in countries without a national WWOOF organisation yet, they are looked after by WWOOF Independents.

Make a difference! Get involved! Join WWOOF!

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