Friday 21 July, 2017

WWOOFing in Mauritius

MauritiusWith an average yearly temperature of 25C, 14 hours of sunshine a day, tropical forests, mountains flowing down to torquoise seas, beautiful birds and wildlife, fantastic seafood, fruits of the forest, and an interesting history creating a truly multi-cultural, vibrant people and a cultural fusion of foods who wouldn’t want to go to Mauritius?

Even better, why not enjoy the island and give something back to the people at the same time? With the introduction of the islands first WWOOF host now you can.

WWOOF Hosts, Noor and Diana, have recently purchased 4 Hectares of beautiful Mauritian farmland. Their aim is to establish a small family cooperative involved in Organic Poultry Farming.

This is also a Fair Trade project as not only are they a Cooperative but they also wish to empower nearby villagers by donating baby poultry & financing animal sheds for self production. They would then buy back from the villagers the surplus product for sale to hotels and restaurants.

Noor and Diana plan to be a Low Carbon Impact Farm, over time they will invest in:

(1) Renewable Energy (Solar /Wind / Compost etc)

(2) Treatment & Recycle of Water

(3) Grow own fodders (Maize & Soya) for animals in farm.

This is an ambitious and admirable project and your help is needed – today!Noor-and-Diana

Noor writes;

As a “start-up” farm we have everything to do! We are actually doing the landscaping and think that by next month we will be ready to start the construction of shelters (both animal & for us). By end June we hope to be bringing the animals onto our property. Technical help from experienced members in Organic Farming is most welcome and it will our pleasure to recieve Wwoof friends by mid June in Mauritius.

We are also sourcing out Organic Breed Chicks & Turkeys to buy for our farm. If you know any contacts that can supply us it will be most welcome, as one of our main problems here is the difficulty of getting organic breed birds for starters.

In the beginning we will mainly concentrate on raising Organic Chickens(around 2000 head at a time), Ducks (1000 head) & Turkey (300 heads), we will also have a few Cows & Sheeps ( not more than 10 head). But we think of increasing the quantity of cattle slowly depending on the land size.

We also wish to have the nearby villagers involved in rearing small quantities of organic birds in their own yard (not more than 20head). We would supply them with chicks & facilities to raise them, in return we will buy back the surplus of their production.”

If you have skills in any of the following areas:

  • Scientific approach for the Design & Setting of Farm & Animal Sheds
  • Understanding of animal behavior & how to implement them on the farm
  • Techniques for Compost, Water management & Solar Energy setting
  • Techniques to prepare & preserve food for animals & farmers too
  • Setting up of Permaculture Ponds & ideal Plants to grow for animals
  • Techniques to avoid diseases etc.


Or perhaps you just have a genuine desire to get involved, work hard and make a real contribution to this project and this little island paradise? Then get intouch with Noor and Diana through the website:


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