Thursday 29 June, 2017

References – The New Website Design

References – The New Website Design
The International WWOOF Association is looking for a new website design. With all the changes in the last year the need has arisen for a new website design for One part of the design still being worked on is the References [...]

WWOOF Burundi- Coming Soon

Following the meeting on the 17th March it was agreed to form WWOOF Burundi. Over the next few weeks further development will be going on, including the launch of their website at and more visits to local farmers who may [...]

WWOOF Portugal Presentation

This is a great video made by WWOOF Portugal (Karney Hatch and Rodrigo Rocha). The video gives you a good idea of what WWOOFing is about and what you may end up doing if you go [...]

WWOOF Nepal’s International WWOOFERS Meeting in December 2010

WWOOF Nepal’s WWOOFERS meeting program in 2010 for developing fund for development project and creating WWOOF movement in Asia Are you interested in meeting other international WWOOFERS, meet new people, visiting new places and want [...]

Launch of WWOOF Portugal

WWOOF Portugal launched in January 2009. Rodrigo is responsible for the running and promotion of this new organisation and would like to hear from anyone out there who is interested in being a host or WWOOFer in Portugal – Check [...]

WWOOF Bulgaria gets funding for EVS volunteers

WWOOF Bulgaria – under the status of the NGO CROP Foundation – has accreditation that means WWOOF hosts in Bulgaria who want to join this funded project will be reimbursed for the cost of their volunteers. We have the funding for [...]

WWOOF Bulgaria Fundraiser

WWOOF Bulgaria Fundraiser 15th – 25th AUG LILI FESTIVAL Bulgaria – FREE Festival and camping in the beautiful Stara Planina mountains. Eco workshops for 3 days Traditional Music art and dance workshops for 3 [...]

Launch of WWOOF Kazakhstan

WWOOF Kazakhstan We first made contact in 18th October 2006. Lately in the 25th November 2006 we have received the Starter Kit. By the date of 8th March 2008 we launched the website of WWOOF Kazakhstan. The web-address is [...]

Launch of WWOOF Romania

Launch of WWOOF Romania
WWOOF Romania WWOOF Romania is proud to announce that our website is now online We have three host farms currently accepting volunteers until the fall, and we are currently seeking out other hosts. WWOOF Romania is the result of [...]

A Paradigm Shift – The Evolution of WWOOF in India  Organic agriculture concept is not new to India , Mahatma Gandhi pioneered organic agriculture through constructive programs in several locations in India. A protagonist of self-reliance, he taught his fellow workers about [...]