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vege-box-sch945723Vege Box Schemes have been growing in popularity over recent years.

A certain amount of excitement accompanies us when our box arrives at our front door each week. For some people this may seem a little odd, but for those of us who are feeding a family and doing their best to keep them healthy, the box is full of many different organic meal ideas for the week.

So what is a Box Scheme?

It’s based on a similar concept to Farmers Markets  -the farmer grows the food and sells it directly to the consumer. The ‘box’ is what makes it a scheme, you can usually choose from a range of prices and produce, and you get it on a regular basis. This makes sense for the farmer and for the budget conscious householder. Seasonal supply goes without saying. If you’re from a temperate climate and buying tomatoes in winter, it is quite possible you are buying produce that either has high carbon-miles from transport or has a high carbon-footprint from being grown in a fossile-fueled glasshouses. Seasonal supply means your box changes over the year to suit the seasons (not to mention suiting the farmer)!

Why get into a Box Scheme?

Food labelling is a way to try and inform people about their food – where it has come from, what’s in it, where it was made.  With a box scheme not only do you know all this information, you also know the person who made your food. This makes them directly accountable to you as a consumer – and lets you have confidence in their ability to produce food that you and your family will consume. Box Schemes are efficient – it is packed by the farmer and sent to you. This is not like the other option where the farmer sends produce to the packhouse, then is transported to the supermarket where it sits on display, the best is picked out before you get there, only then do you get to transport it home. You have no idea who grew the food, and no idea what large company most of your money is going to.

Getting Started

Try talking to WWOOF  hosts is your area – they will often either be involved themselves or know who to talk to. Your local organic greengrocer or organic certification scheme may also have some information. Searching online for ‘Vege Box Schemes’ will bring up some suggestions too.
<h4>Setting up an Vege Box Scheme in Africa</h4>

See What’s Inside an Abel and Cole Organic Vege Box


<em>It’s an exciting challenge to come up with meals based on the seasonal supply, rather than the usual way of first choosing a recipe then buying ingredients which may or may not be in season.  Most of all, enjoy switching your body over to unprocessed organic food that supports your local community – Morganne.</em>


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